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Mental Health



Our practice was founded because of a deep desire to provide high quality care to our communities at low to no cost. 


​In general, anxiety and depression have deeper causes rooted in the experiences inherited from lifetimes of needs going unmet, deep traumas we often forget about and other circumstances that are not our fault and deeply affect our lives.

Major advances in addressing mental well-being are available that can have a tremendously positive effect for you.

Good treatment doesn't have to require medication - there are many ways to adequately and holistically address what you're dealing with in a way that assists you to independently cope with and

manage your circumstances.


Make an appointment to see how you can get the services you need.

New tools exist to address earlier and more fully the conditions and character of what may be keeping you from living the life you most want to live, or from experiencing life the way you want to. We serve everyone: individuals, couples and families with all kinds of backgrounds, circumstance and mental health needs. A single meeting with us may well be the start to a whole new way of life and experience of being.


We won't tell you to smile, or laugh or perk up - we know better than that and desire with you to access and address the deepest parts of yourself to find release and resolution.


Please let us know what your needs are - we are here to assist you any way you need.


​We have offices in Tacoma and on Vashon Island, and serve Pierce and South King Counties. Call or email to schedule an appointment, or to find out how Casteele, Williams & Associates can help you.

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Chemical Dependency



Addiction and dependency show themselves in many ways: We pride ourselves on helping you find what works for you to regain control of your life, and learn to cope with your experience troubles in any situation.


​We know very well the feelings that come with a life affected by addiction - we also know it is possible to break through what can seem impossible, and that individual circumstances are not the same for every person. Your life is unique to you, and you need the kind of personal care we provide.

Our Chemical Dependency programs are offered in accordance with the American Society of Addiction Medicine's patient placement criteria. Treatment is provided in phases, and utilizes the Stages of Change model to assist clients in attaining and maintaining recovery.


Your situation is unique to your personal life, and yet your very situation mirrors the pattern of addictive behavior we are trained to help you overcome.


We respect your independence, your privacy and your unique needs, and we know that what you are facing is a very real challenge most can't face alone.


But you are able, with help, to overcome this time in life, and establish a way forward to attain the kind of authority you need over your own life to be happy.  Whatever has led to where you are now, we instruct, facilitate and help you, by providing you the tools to manage your affairs for the outcome you desire.


Chemical Dependency is a life-changing experience that requires real courage to face and overcome.

Our programs are offered with the promise to treat you as the valuable person you are. No person is equipped to handle the unforeseen consequences of their actions without someone to help them from time to time. Your friends and loved ones are not always knowledgeable, or able to assist you in productive ways. We pride ourselves on being free of judgments and know very well that many circumstances contribute to what you are going through. How your situation came to be is not our concern, and instead we work to help you where you are, in order to provide with you the skills to get you where you really want to be.


Domestic Violence & • DV Batters Classes



CWA's Domestic Violence Perpetrator program and Anger management treatment program provides our clients with positive conflict resolutions skills, effective communication skills and other positive stress coping skills that will allow you to improve your conflict resolution issues that result in undesirable incidents. There are treatment programs for both men and women.

CWA also provides DV-Victims Impact Panels that occur conveniently on Saturdays.  DV-Victim Impact Panel courses ensure the clients receive a clear conceptualization of victimization and how to understand this for themselves and how to recognize this in others.





During our clients' DV/Anger Management Treatment Programs, we cover the following:

* Power & Control

* Effective Communication

* Accountability

* Foundational Elements of Fear (Anger, Pain & Frustration

* Holistic Balance (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

   and an array of other topics.



At CWA we have been helping clients discover their own ways of coping with life's stresses for over 30 years. We understand your struggles because we listen to your own understanding of your current situation and help you achieve the balance and develop the skills need to see your desired outcome become a reality for you.


CWA collaborates with the community to insure that we provide our clients with various opportunities to receive treatment. We also understand the potential strain treatment can put on your finances. Payment plans and additional financial opportunities are available on a case by case basis.





Few outside of the military can relate to the kind of effects endured for years after the time you served. Once home, you have a very different reality to adjust back into, and it is our role to help in the process of reintegration as you return to normal civilian life.

We listen, and the terms of your treatment are up to you. What is most important is your own peace with the process, your relationship with our people and the positive effects you are looking for at a deeper level than can be known outside your personal input.


We can work one on one in your situation, or we can bring in your whole family - your girlfriend or your boyfriend, your husband or wife, your children. If there is anyone in your support system that needs help to see the true picture in a meaningful way that will translate to your and their better quality of life, that is why we are here.


Your willingness and desire to confront at the outset the challenges you face upon returning home will be a great advantage and personal boost to your efforts at reestablishing the life you want to lead from now on. It takes a different degree of strength, and a team that is committed to your well being in full.


Whether as an individual or as a family, the bonds, personal relationships and friendships can sometimes require new learning to show and receive the healthy kind of affection that can be a challenge after a tour.


Your service demanded your full attention often in place of family that deserves the same. You and they have been through a tremendous amount of stress that many other families do not have to overcome.


We are trained to listen and build your confidence in an honest way, along with your loved ones, to ensure you have the best foundation possible moving ahead.


DR. JOHN CASTELE | Master Sergeant Retired (US Army)

I served two tours in Vietnam and know what it takes to come home after deployment. I provide a place to care for everyone in your family life.


Your direct community - your family, loved ones, friends and those you are in relation with around you are the ones that will have the impact on you most. Understanding your real needs is where we excel. We listen to you, hear your concerns and provide you the tools and skills you need as an individual, as a couple and as a whole family.


We help you and all involved see what you have in a healthier perspective, we become your team away from home helping you address, overcome, manage and control the forces you encounter. We do this as a partner, helping your own efforts to establish trust, vulnerability and connection a healthy, happy home life ultimately requires.

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